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Guide to Building a Store
The value of the Internet Advantages to having an online store

The Storebuilder™
  • Sundancemall.com offers the Storebuilder™ software. The Storebuilder™ is on the cutting edge of E-commerce. You can build and maintain your own store online and instantly have items available for purchase. Retailers can register with Sundancemall.com to receive an access code to the wholesale area then all they need to do is enter their access code and choose the wholesaler that best fits their needs to begin stocking their retail store. Retail customers simply click the Go Shopping button on the SundanceMall.com homepage, which leads them to the retail Marketplace, and they are ready to shop!
  • When customers visit your store they will see a layout which you designed yourself. It will have a homepage with text telling about your company and a picture, which could be your company logo or a product collage. You can choose background colors and textures for your store, colors and fonts for your buttons and texts, then you can represent your products with a picture. Each product picture will blow up into a larger image accompanied by even more detailed information. Your customer will not only enjoy the ease of finding what they seek, they will also have confidence in the secure server and shopping cart system your store will have.
  • There is no fee to build your store.
  • You can build your store and have it online TODAY!
  • When you are ready to open your store online, we will host it for a minimal fee, then we will submit it to over 1500 search engines worldwide AT NO CHARGE.
  • Save thousands of dollars in web designer fees by doing it yourself!  An average 100 item E-commerce site complete with secure server and shopping cart can range in cost from $3000 - $6000.
  • Create your own store from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Once your store is built it basically runs it self.  All you have to do is check your business e-mail for orders and fill them efficiently.
  • Automatic receipt via e-mail to your customer.
  • You may change, add or delete your products or information at any time through your store administration page. 
To build a store now, click here


Advantages to Having a Store Online
  • You are no longer limited to receiving business from only your own community. Service your community AND the World!
  • That phrase "make money while you sleep" - the Internet makes it possible!
  • Your store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You don't have to "man the store" from opening to closing.
  • It is the ultimate way to work around your own schedule needs.
  • With Sundancemall.com your monthly overhead cost is minimal.  Have 18 of your most popular items in your Sundancemall.com store for only $49.00 per month.  If you have any amount of items in your retail store in your hometown, you must pay rent, utilities, maintenance, employees, advertising, marketing and much more!
  • Each time you add new products to your inventory you can easily add them to your store. You can also open your store with only a few items and then gradually increase the content of your online store as time allows. By the way, your online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and requires little overhead costs! You don’t even have to worry about employees calling in sick!
  • Reduce conventional catalog production and mailing costs by offering your products on the Internet for users to purchase your products online.
  • An employee calling in sick will never ruin your day again!


Mall Promotion and Exposure!

  • A mall is a larger entity on the net.   Entities with more content are more likely to be found on the Internet - you benefit!
  • We promote the mall And your site.  Two ways to make your way up in the search engines - you benefit!Click HERE to see the list of search engines and directories we submit to.
  • Save time and money on search engine submissions - you benefit!
  • Team Building Program.  Each store within Sundancemall.com will link back to the complete list of stores in Sundancemall.com.  As a result, more stores will receive visitors from curious shoppers wanting to know what else is in the mall - you benefit!
  • Open the door to unlimited potential!
  • To date we have not found any other mall service that offers everything that we offer all in one package.


Team Promotion

Surely you can imagine the amount of effort it must take to promote a site to reach a high position in any of the search engines and business directories on the Internet. This process is both time consuming and very expensive. Many individuals often give up on the Internet as the answer for their business thinking that the Internet is not what they thought it would be. We can tell you, the reason they had little or no business from the Internet is because customers could not find them.

It is important to realize how search engines and business directories work. When a Home Page is submitted to a search engine, a spider or robot visits the site. The spider looks for certain criteria to evaluate how relevant your site is in relation to the category to which you are submitting.

Nearly every Search Engine and/or Business Directory uses the Meta Tag theory to evaluate a Web Page. Meta Tags are placed in the HTML scripting of the page and they are critical since the spider matches the information within the site against the Meta Tags. If there is a small amount of information relevant to the Meta Tags in the site, it will be given a poor position in the Search Engine or Business Directory. If the site has a lot of information related to the Meta Tags it will obtain a high rating and that is what we strive for. There are many other factors too numerous to mention in this document that play an important roll in the effectiveness of Web Site Promotion.

We have developed a tried and proven theory on what must be accomplished to make the Internet work well for individual Web Sites. In some respects it seems quite simple, but, there is much more than meets the eye.

Durango Internet Resources builds user-friendly malls and works to categorize businesses with related products or information within them. We promote the malls heavily via many conventional and non-conventional means. Then we promote each and every site within the Mall and use links within the mall to build extreme relevancy for the sites. As the Mall grows with more and more stores or informational pages, it becomes an extremely relevant force on the Internet.

We call this team building on the Internet! As the Mall grows so does the number of visitors. When consumers come to any store or Informational Site within the mall, they will see a button located on every page of that site inviting them to visit the rest of the vendors in that particular Mall. So, each and every store or site in the Mall enjoys visitors from all of the rest of the team!


The Value of the Internet

The Internet contains just about every product consumers seek and it is fast becoming a primary source for locating goods and services. Everyday more and more people all around the world are discovering the value of the Internet and the unlimited potential the Internet offers to retailers, wholesalers and entrepreneurs alike. The Internet makes it possible for a small business in the United States to easily order products directly from a supplier in China, Germany, or anywhere else in the world. One of the best features about the Internet is the vast supply of information it offers. Not only can a consumer purchase products, they also have information right at their fingertips to research products, compare costs, find out what’s hot and what’s not and much more. Because of this, more and more consumers will turn to the Internet to purchase products. Will they find you there?

Everyday the Internet sees the addition of more than 60,000 sites from all around the world. It contains more than 200 million pages and is growing daily. This is why the time is now to make your presence known on the Internet and move to the next level of global sales. The longer you wait to get involved, the more sites you will have to compete with and the longer it will take for you to see your business listed in the search engines and directories where customers can find you. This is where Durango Internet Resources, LLC can help!

Durango Internet Resources, LLC has developed several theme mall sites for businesses that are ready to take to the Internet. User friendly Malls are the perfect solution for Stores and businesses to be found on the Internet today and in the future. Finding one entity on the Internet will become more and more difficult while finding big clusters of related businesses will gain much higher relevancy and hence be easier to locate on the Internet.


How Customers Find You

Retailers and Wholesalers who use the Storebuilder™ program to build their store will have an added bonus in search engine and directory exposure. Trying to get your business listed in search engines and directories can take hundreds of hours, which will cost you time and money. Sundancemall.com is offering registration to more than 1500 search engines and directories at no charge! Without being in directories and search engines, customers will not be able to find you. Your presence in search engines and directories is vital to your success on the Internet. Search sites on the Internet can take anywhere from three days to six months to register a URL, which is the address for your web site.  Because of the length of time it can take to make your site known, it is vital that you start NOW. By building a store within Sundancemall.com you will also benefit from being connected to a virtual mall marketplace. Larger sites with more content are much more likely to be found on the Internet.

Increased Exposure Through Our Internet Mall

  • Wholesalers and retailers within Sundancemall.com will all be linked together which will increase traffic to each store on Sundancemall.com. In what we are calling a "team promotion" effort, each store on Sundancemall.com, which utilizes the Storebuilder™ program will have a link to the mall marketplace. Once a customer is finished with business in one SundanceMall.com store, they can click back to the main marketplace to view an index of all the other vendors available on Sundancemall.com.
  • Mall formats offer a form of one stop shopping for a variety of products. This convenience will bring more customers to the Sundancemall.com marketplace where they can find you.
  • Purchase banners or ads within Sundancemall.com to draw customers to your store.


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