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Sundancemall is full of Western merchandise, collectibles, antiques and anything else western you could want

About Durango Internet Resources

The company, Durango Internet Resources, LLC, has been in business doing Internet research and development since 1995. Our first large project was www.durango.com, a city web site, for the community of Durango, Colorado. Durango.com is a major site for Durango. It includes a business yellow page directory database, hundreds of information pages promoting Durango, many individual business web sites, multiples of dynamic pages (drawing from multiple databases) and more. Be our guest and take a look at it!

Currently Durango Internet Resources has several very active sites on the internet. www.durango.com, www.4cornersrealestate.com, www.indianvillage.com, www.nativecasinos.com, www.durangomall.com and www.sundancemall.com just to name a few!

For the past twelve months we have been working on cold fusion and dynamic databases, in other words, linking databases to Internet applications. As a result we have been creating web applications that run in real time. This means pages can become active on the Internet with a single keystroke instantly. After building hundreds of static Web Pages we have come to believe that we must provide a means for small businesses to create their own online stores if they are to compete in today’s business environment. The cost of having an outside company come to a place of business, conduct a physical inventory, learn the products well enough to describe them in a personable manner,  price, categorize and create personable Web Stores would be astronomical. It is for this reason that we developed the StoreBuilder™ online software.

Our copyrighted StoreBuilder™ software program allows almost anyone to create their own online store in a matter of minutes! Stores can house just one product or thousands of products complete with images, shopping cart and secure server.  Our StoreBuilder™ is one of only a few available on the Internet today that builds, edits and maintains an online store in real time!

If you wish to contact Durango Internet Resources for more information about SundanceMall.com or any of our other projects, write, call or e-mail the following:

PO Box 9105
Durango, CO 81302
Phone: (970) 259-3100
Fax: (970) 375-2409
Email: info@sundancemall.com

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