western wear, turqoise jewelry and more in this online shopping mall.
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Sundancemall is full of Western wear, including merchandise from Parelli Collections, antiques and collectibles, gourmet foods, turquoise jewelry and more.


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Welcome to Sundance Mall, This site is presently undergoing new management and direction. It is owned by Durango Silver Company of Durango Co.'

We are in the Silver Turquoise Jewelry business and invite you to read and learn about Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry.

Sundance Mall will soon include a directory to our favorite western online shopping sites. Presently we are linking to some of our own sites we hope you enjoy.

Durango Silver Co manufactures jewelry made with many of the gemstones that we mine ourselves. Our jewelry is made here in Durango, Colorado. We like Turquoise, Opal, Variscite, Lapis, and many other gemstones. We specialize in our own Turquoise and Variscite from our own mine "Tortoise Turquoise" located in Central Nevada.

We hope you will come back to this site often to find really awesome stores for your pleasure and good shopping experiances.

Contact Us :

Dillon Hartman

17897 Hwy 160

Durango, Colorado USA